Tips For Choosing The Right Bathroom Lights


bathroom lightsThe right type of bathroom lights installed in the right area can make you and your bathroom look wonderful. It’s all about getting the right balance of natural light and artificial light, the size of your fixtures, and the type of globes used.

Bathroom lights are quite important for safety reasons. Not only does it help avoid slipping or maybe taking a tumble in the shower, it helps to distinguish colors, when applying makeup, and aids men when they shave.

There are about three layers of bathroom light :

Ambiance lighting

Which helps illuminate the whole room.

Task lighting

This is important when shaving, cleaning your teeth, and applying makeup.

Accent lighting

That highlights a piece of art or a plant that is growing in the room or perhaps gives focus to a beautiful vanity. The three combined provide beauty and functionality to your bathroom.

Bathroom lights may be challenging as it is important to have a bright light in the morning when most people are using it for shaving makeup or perhaps using it to see to put in their contact lenses. Bathroom lights must be sealed unit so as to avoid moisture penetrating into the unit. Bathrooms are notorious for being hot damp rooms, so it is important to install the appropriate lights for a humid environment.

When considering bathroom lights, give some thought as to who will be using the lights and for what purpose. The most practical way to light up a mirror is along the top and down the sides. By positioning the bathroom lights this way it alleviates any shadows on the face, which is quite important to a woman applying makeup and to a man when he is shaving. This is known as bathroom task lighting.

For a relaxed mood in the bathroom, wall lights add an ambiance and help open up the room space. Recessed bathroom lights near the bath and above the shower will enhance the overall ambiance of the bathroom.

The installation of dimmer switches also helps control the amount of light required at any given time. For instance, when taking a warm bath at the end of a hard day’s work, it would be more relaxing to have subdued lighting.

Bathroom lights are quite often combined with exhaust fans and heaters. The purpose of this combination in the bathroom is to not only lighten up the room but to absorb moisture from the room, thus avoiding mold or mildew growing.

When selecting bathroom lights think about installing lights other than the usual mundane ones, like the dome ceiling light or just plain fluorescent light. Maybe your bathroom will be more sleek and upmarket with a small crystal chandelier installed, or perhaps some trendy pendant lights.

LED rope lights in a bathroom may be installed along the surrounds of a bathtub or under the vanity and this can help prevent family members from bumping into sharp corners and stubbing their toes.

Bathroom lights need not be boring. Adding flexible rope lighting underneath the ceiling moldings will add a subtle glow around the perimeter of the bathroom.

If the bathroom has little or no natural light the addition of waterproof recessed lights in the shower will brighten the room, particularly if you have a clear glass shower.

Everyone looks their best in natural light, therefore it’s important that when you select your bathroom lights they mimic the pure white light of a beautiful day. The energy–efficient compact fluorescent bulbs available today are cost-effective and an excellent choice for bathroom lights.