Planning The Perfect Bathroom Layout


A well-laid functioning bathroom is an essential part of any home. Bathroom layouts should be designed so that no matter what size of the family is in the home it covers the needs of every member of that family.

The size of the room will determine the actual bathroom layout. If the room is big enough, then a separate shower and bath would be ideal. Make sure of the measurement of the room before purchasing any of the fittings. It is important to have a plan drawn up of just where the bath and shower are to be installed, as the plumbing will need to be in place before anything is installed.


bathroom layoutsMeasure the space set aside for the bath before purchasing it, so that the one chosen is able to fit in the space allowed.

Be mindful of the type of bath that is being installed. A standalone bath is often hard to clean behind so when installing it keep the cleaning process in mind.


Positioning the shower stall is also important in a bathroom layout. If there is room for a walk-in shower then consideration should be given to the drain outlet. Long grates set against the back wall of the shower allow the water to escape more quickly than a small round outlet.

Shower Heads

There are several styles of shower heads on the market to choose from. A multi-function shower head will deliver a variety of functions, from a massage option to a gentle mist. Body sprays offer relief from sports injuries to relief for arthritic joint pain and for general body aches and pains. Steam showers are deeply relaxing and help remove toxins from the body. Combine a hand shower with a sidebar for easy adjustment for every member of the family.


It is an idea to have ample storage in a bathroom layout. Take advantage of the space in a larger bathroom and select a customized vanity that will solve some of the storage problems. They usually have several drawers as well as cupboard space with shelves. If the size of the room allows then a cupboard for the linens and other bathroom essentials would be an advantage.


Double sinks work well in a large room, this allows two people to utilize the space at the same time. Set-in sinks or basins standing on top of the vanity are a personal choice for the homeowner.

Towel Rails

Adequate towel rails are a must. There are several styles available and if you live in a cold climate then consider a heated towel rail as an option for that little bit of luxury. Extend the function of your bathroom by adding accessories such as a robe hook and grab bars to help the elderly safely use the bathroom room.


Before tiling the bathroom the room must be waterproofed to avoid any water damage. When selecting floor tiles for the bathroom consider if the ones chosen will be suitable to lay up the side of a set-in bath.


Lightening is also important in any bathroom layout. Position a light on either side of the mirror to avoid any shadows for anyone shaving or putting on makeup. A central light with the exhaust fan incorporated is ideal.

Whether the bathroom layout is in a new home or renovating an existing bathroom, planning is important. It may be advisable to obtain three quotes if a contractor does the work. If undertaking the project yourself, have a budget and keep to it.