Master Bathroom Ideas


When designing a master bathroom you need to use all the available space wisely. It is important that the layout of the room allows easy entry, and a room to complete your actions and be able to exit comfortably. This is where a professional remodeling contractor can really add value.

Safety is the first priority of a master bathroom. There should be enough space between major fixtures for easy movement. As it is what is classed as a wet area, consideration must be given to nonslip surfaces. All power outlets must be away from the water sources and the lighting must also be waterproof. It is important that towel rails and toilet roll holders are placed appropriately and grab rails are installed if there are elderly people using the master bathroom.

Most bathrooms are small in size however with the right design, the aesthetic aspects can actually make the room look larger than it really is. If the room is small the use of light-colored tiles or tiles laid diagonally will make the room look bigger. The use of a glass shower recess also adds to the appearance of a bigger brighter space.

If the master bathroom is large enough, both a bathtub and a walk-in shower recess would be classy. Choosing the right style of bathtub is important. Consider where the drain outlets are in the room before purchasing the bathtub. There are many styles of bathtubs and they all have different positioning of the drain outlets.

The walk-in shower recess in a master bathroom would look amazing with double shower outlets. Tiled walls and floor with two shower outlets and clear glass doors with recessed waterproof lighting would look elegant and sophisticated. A small tiled recess within the shower area to house soaps and shampoos would be a sophisticated touch. An appropriate amount of towel racks mounted on the wall near the shower would also be useful.

The installation of a double vanity adds luxury to the master bathroom. A large mirror above the vanity is an important feature as it will open up the space. Installing lights along the top and down the side of the mirror allows the user to have a clear vision without any shadows being cast. There is nothing worse than poor lighting that throws shadows under the eyes. When mounting the mirror it is important to have it well sealed to avoid deterioration on the back from moisture. Be sure when positioning the vanity that the toilet isn’t in full view when looking in the mirror.

Privacy On The Toilet Is a Must

Wall lights and strip lighting under the vanity as well as ceiling lights will be an advantage if there is little or no natural light.

modern-bathroom-in-master-bedroom-with-privacyDaylight-corrected globes would be beneficial also. Avoid ceiling-mounted downlights as they cast shadows and will dull the room.

Ventilation in the master bathroom is important. As it is a wet area, it is important to have as much natural ventilation as possible. If there are no suitable window areas, then consider installing a combined ceiling light, fan, and heater. This appliance will draw the moisture out of the room thus decreasing the chance of mold growth.

Be mindful when positioning the bath, vanity, and toilet that there are no small areas that are hard to get to when it’s time to clean. If the bath sits out from the wall, ensure there is adequate space to be able to access between the bath and the wall for cleaning. The same rule applies to the toilet. it would be an advantage to hang the vanity on the wall rather than having it on the floor, to make it easier to clean around.

Storage in a master bathroom is also important. Apart from a shaving cabinet that might be recessed into the wall, the vanity will also have drawers in which to use as storage. However, the addition of a tall wall unit for linens or a stool that has storage underneath would be an advantage.